A stable solution to Investing in Cryptocurrencies without suffering from market fluctuations


Offers a share of net profits from crypto-based investments, rental income and asset appreciation.


Enables stable investment portfolio without converting to fiat currency.


Liquid solution to traditional real estate investment, providing exposure to all.


Asset-backed security to help investors hedge against unfavorable market fluctuations.

A secure way to invest in Cryptocurrencies


Anaiv Fund offers investors the opportunity to obtain exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of asset-backed security.
Anaiv Fund also allows investors the opportunity to move against volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, without incurring the frictional costs of converting their holdings into fiat.


Recently there has been a substantial increase in the global interest for digital currencies. This interest and the resulting industry developments have led to increased opportunities for investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies.
Many coin holders have become nervous about their vulnerability to excessive volatility in the market, and with no tangible asset underpinning these new currencies, coin holders do not currently have many viable options to secure their wealth against these fluctuations.


Built upon the Blockchain network, Anaiv has created a cryptocurrency investment vehicle which is asset-backed through real estate.
These investments will be professionally managed and advised by our appointed specialist, initially deployed into existing property funds with direct investments to be made subsequently, so that a low-risk blended yield can be returned to investors by way of dividend on a regular basis. Our approach combines the strength of two existing sectors by providing greater stability and income generation to cryptocurrencies whilst also delivering increased liquidity to the real estate market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get more information and help?You can get started by going through our Whitepaper to learn more about our models and mechanisms. Then, you can speak to any of our representatives or schedule a meeting with one of our experts - whichever is more convenient for you!
  • How to get started?After we have thoroughly explained how Anaiv Cryptocurrency Fund works, we will get you started on the most suitable investment plan. As soon as you settle with a plan, we will happily walk you through the process of funding your investment account for profit.
  • Can I lose some of my money?Yes, our project is not a total win-win system. Investments are always associated with a share of risk. The point is that this risk is not just justified, but completely minimized. That is what our team and business model are aimed at. Our system allows investors to hedge against fatal cryptocurrencies market fluctuations by diversifying investments with underlying assets.
  • Will you refund back my money if I decide not to continue with my investment?Yes, contact us if you want a refund at any time. Your request will be processed and a refund will be issued.

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