Anaiv Secure Bitcoin Escrow

Convenient Over The Counter Bitcoin Business


Anaiv provides a highly secured Escrow wallet for any transaction, where the Coins will be securely kept in a cold storage


We charge a small flat escrow fee of 1 percent on all escrow transactions. We even offer you the ability to split the fee with the other party.


You can complete an escrow transaction in minutes, and receive funds immediately escrow is completed.


The financial escrow services will be provided by a third party as Escrow Agent, supervised by an AML Selfregulatory body,  legally allowed to provide such service.

Secure Escrow For ``Heavy`` Bitcoin (BTC) TransactionsTrustee Mandate Agreement with Seller and Buyer

Larger Amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) sales are not facilitated on exchange platforms, as it would impact the BTC pricing. Those transactions will directly be facilitated between a buyer and a seller – over the counter (OTC).
Normally the parties do not trust each other and for either side, it is unclear, whether the funds or the BTC have any criminal background.
In addition, the technical handling of BTC can also be affected by cyber criminal activities, which could easily lead to the loss of BTC which a buyer just bought.
In order to avoid all these problems, our company created a platform – an environment for buyer as well as seller to securely settle BTC transactions.

We provide the following services:

– Checking BUYER and SELLER, doing the KYC/AML process.
– Checking the origin of funds and the origin of the BTC.
– Providing Bank and Cash Escrow service
– Providing BTC Wallet Escrow service
– Cybersecurity and Wallet provision for a BTC BUYER
– Transaction settlement transferring BTC to BUYER wallet and funds to SELLER bank account.

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Anaiv Escrow is the most secure way to do any kind of bitcoin business, anywhere. Buy, sell, or trade across the state, across the country, or across the world and never worry about payment or delivery.

Every transaction, at any price, is fully protected. From a single purchase to complex multi-party agreements,  Anaiv works for individuals, businesses, and corporations.