Behind the drivers of asset returns

At Anaiv Capital, we apply our extensive know-how to the investment and asset management processes, seeking to maximize returns for our investors through a combination of disciplined capital allocation, active asset management and a commitment to long-term growth and sustainability.

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Real Estate

Grow with Anaiv

  • PhilosophyAnaiv believes that strong, synergistic communities lead to economic development. This is why we focus on people first — building community through personalized investment. Our goal is to collaborate with other professionals to create optimal financial solutions to help our clients reach and maintain financial independence.
  • LeadershipOur team is composed of experienced professionals with a broad array of experience in real estate investing, finance, international law, business development, investor relations, and operations.


We focus current investments on infrastructure which underpins these platforms of the future. We see many parallels – and have much relevant experience – in the need for marketing and strong brand positioning between blockchain technologies and decentralization and consumer offerings.
We seek to invest in emerging web 3.0 platforms and brands of the future, supporting products and marketplaces that have stickiness built in and can scale rapidly with digital marketing efforts without operational growth bottlenecks.


Our approach is based on rigorous research and a thorough due diligence process to identify and execute transactions in which we carefully measure and mitigate risks, while identifying drivers that increase value and returns. Create solid financial models to assess the risks associated with the underwriting structure and operational performance of a specific investment. This comprehensive business approach is key to achieving attractive long-term returns for our investors. Our solid reputation and ample network of contacts in the industry contributes to preferred status among sellers, lenders, and operators, offering us first-look opportunities and access to off-market transactions.



Steve Mason

Partner, Real EstateSteve has been involved in the buying and selling of portfolios, development land, and single assets in the last 30 years. Steve has also been active in the cryptocurrency world since 2013.

William McGowan

Partner, Anaiv EscrowWilliam brings 43+ years of experience in all facets of Real Estate and Title Insurance Law, Estate Planning, Oil & Gas, and Corporation Law to the board.

Maurice Driscoll

Venture PartnerMaurice is an experienced management consultant with over 30 years experience achieving standout contribution from connected people in open, diverse, and multi-level, multi-discipline, and multi-functional teams.

Allison Whitledge

Partner, Anaiv EscrowAllison Whitledge is an Experienced and Licensed Escrow Agent with a demonstrated history and knowledge of escrow services for over 12 years. Mrs. Whitledge is skilled in Financial Transactions, Transaction Coordination, and Real Estate Transactions.