Anaiv Escrow

Anaiv Escrow is the most secure way for individuals and businesses to buy, sell, or trade across the country, or across the world and never worry about payment, safety or delivery. Every transaction is fully protected. Read more

Anaiv Cryptocurrency Fund

The Anaiv Crypto-Property Fund offers investors the opportunity to obtain exposure to cryptocurrencies, whilst benefiting from the stability of asset-backed security. Investors will benefit from managed account trading activities and capital growth. Read more.


Anaiv Capital is an investment and technology firm that seeks to transform market volatility into opportunity for our clients. We employ quantitative, and systemic trading models to fulfill this mission. Anaiv investment vehicles seek to generate crisis-alpha and profit from periods of volatility dislocation while offering investors the ability to obtain exposure to cryptocurrencies.

  • Thinking GloballyWe allocate capital to companies who we believe to have the talent and commitment to turn it into great business.
  • Guiding PrincipleWe seek to generate lasting value for our investors and for the communities in which we invest.
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Anaiv Escrow

An escrow service that puts your safety and security first. As our company continues to grow, we have incorporated Anaiv escrow as a major mainstream, working with a solid legal team across multiple geographies.

There are only 3 simple steps to our bitcoin escrow process and we charge a small flat escrow fee of 0.5 percent on all escrow transactions. There’s also an option to split the fee with the other party.

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The Anaiv Cryptocurrency Fund

Built upon the Blockchain network, this is a cryptocurrency investment vehicle which is asset-backed through real estate.
These investments are professionally managed and advised by our appointed specialist, initially deployed into existing property funds with direct investments to be made subsequently, so that a low-risk blended yield can be returned to investors by way of dividend on a regular basis. Our approach combines the strength of two existing sectors by providing greater stability and income generation to cryptocurrencies whilst also delivering increased liquidity to the real estate market.

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The emerging Web 3.0 landscape, undergirded by blockchain infrastructure, is engendering a new wave of disruption and will unleash the platforms and brands of the future. We seek to invest in these platforms and brands of the future.